Robert shares his incredible true story of one man’s journey from organized crime to a new identity in Christ.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Robert saw three kinds of people: those like his parents, who worked hard but didn’t seem to get anywhere; those who were addicted to drugs and alcohol, living on the streets; and those who had it all, but lived a life of crime. At a young age, Robert was attracted to the latter and became an errand runner for a local mobster.

As he began his ascent through the ranks of the Gambino crime family, he fell into a life of crime and drug addiction. Eventually Robert’s crimes landed him in prison, looking at a very long time separated from his family – particularly his daughter.

After being encouraged by a friend to read a Bible, the Lord began to do a work in Robert’s heart that would lead his life in a new direction. In the midst of this spiritual transformation, Robert began to cooperate with Federal authorities and agreed to testify to the things he had seen and done while in the Mafia. 

Today, Robert shares his story with audiences throughout the U.S. By putting God’s love into action and sharing his own experiences, Robert is proof of how God can give anyone a new life, no matter what they’ve done.                                                  

Robert and wife Patricia

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He saw his life ending in one of two ways; either he would die overdosing, or the men to whom he swore allegiance would silence him first.

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