Donate Online or Mail in your contributions to:
Robert Borelli Ministries
Mail Box 210
3540 East Broad Street, Suite 120
Mansfield, TX 76063

Let me get this right…you want me to donate to a former mobster’s “ministry”?

Yes, I do.

Robert Borelli, the person, is a new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17). A modern-day Saul to Paul conversion (Robert is quick to say, “I’m no Paul”), but the change we see in Robert is just as dramatic as Paul’s. Once Robert allowed thousands of dollars, often daily, to casually pass through his hands with only the thought of having a good time, looking good, or, to buy a little fame or loyalty.

Today, Robert’s profession is a humble one, that along with his wife’s job allows them to make ends meet and that’s it.  (He often remarks that’s what quitting school, working for the mob, and then getting out, will do for you.)

Your Donation Focus:

Speak to those that have no money. There are several groups and agencies that simply do not have the funds to cover the travel expenses associated with getting Robert to their location to speak.  These donated funds will be used exclusively for helping Robert get to a location to speak.

Adding to your gifts

note1: we have gone to speak in locations that had no funds and were blessed with a “gift” or unexpected donation to help the Ministry.  In these cases, we will apply those gifts or donations to your area of focus to help build a fund for future events.

note2: we seek local speaking opportunities that allow Robert to speak to groups which may include future Ministry “Partners”.  It is our desire to motive other individuals or groups to support the Ministry. In cases where they choose to support your area of focus, their funds will be added to your gifts.

The funds that are raised for Robert Borelli Ministry are raised for that Ministry, not Robert’s life style.  There are; churches, organizations, groups, and individuals that will cover Robert’s expenses and provide a modest honorarium (which goes to the Ministry). However, some have no funds to even help with expenses, Robert feels that he needs to be able to meet that need. That’s where his Book (The Witness) and we come in. we can help through funding this amazing Ministry so that Robert’s story can be heard.