Often our audiences have little or no funds for travel.
For a Donation of $25.00 or more we will send you a signed copy of Robert’s Book.

Donate Online or Mail in your contributions to:
Robert Borelli Ministries
Mail Box 210
3540 East Broad Street, Suite 120
Mansfield, TX 76063


We all can’t go where Robert goes or do what Robert does… let’s partner together to send him out!

Gold and Silver, have we none…we ask humbly for your support to help Robert make himself available to others, youth organizations, churches, prisons, drug rehab facilities, clubs, etc. As a Ministry we need to go where the need is, often where funds are not available or are limited, so we need Ministry Partners. The potential for outreach is significant for host churches and/or organizations. [Robert powerfully speaks to believers as well as non-believers]

After getting to know Robert we believe you will recognize that he was supernaturally preserved for this Ministry and this moment. His message of real redemption has and will continue to change lives and bring a real-life experience of “It’s never too late for a New Beginning”!

Most of us can’t go with Robert nor deliver the message he has been led to deliver, but we can be the hands that hold up God’s Ministry through Robert. Tom Mercer, (author of 8 to 15 The World is smaller than you think) has conducted extensive research and found that 95% of those coming to Christ have come through personal contact.  Robert’s events are an incredible opportunity to invite a friend or family member to come to hear a remarkable life-changing story…from a Gambino Crime Family Associate to a servant of God and Follower of Christ.

Please help Robert create a bedrock of financial support that will be used directly for expenses applied to speaking to those who need to hear this message. 

Please contact us to learn more about this Ministry.
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